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 System Modeling

Design Capabilities
Prototype Fabrication
System Modeling
Structural Analysis


Southwest Services analytical capabilities are strongly tied to FEA analyses and computer model simulations.  With our various in-house software tools, we are able to develop analytical models of most engineering problems and develop close to final solutions prior to starting prototype fabrication.  Although valuable data can be derived from well planned testing, Southwest Services can develop reasonably close simulation of actual events analytically without the expense of costly testing.  Along with the cost savings of our analytical simulations, we have the advantage of being able to run these simulations in a parametric manner and evaluate the contributions to the system of individual variables and characteristics. 

System Analysis / Modeling

bulletCustom mechanical system models
bulletComputer Simulations of kinematic systems

TPDS Projectile Sabot Discard Simulation

TPDS Projectile                                         Airborne Sensor
Sabot Discard                                                 Deployment

Missile Inlet Cover Discard Simulation

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