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Design Capabilities

Design Capabilities
Prototype Fabrication
System Modeling
Structural Analysis


SWS's design capabilities are based on the creative talents of our key personnel who average over 25 years of experience in hands-on engineering design and analysis environments.  With strong analytical backgrounds, our staff is able to analyze a technical problem, gain a firm grasp of the technical issues involved, and then develop novel designs to achieve the performance goals.

With extensive experience in the ordnance industry, our key design capabilities include:

bulletAmmunition Designs:
bulletExperience in all Calibers
bullet Discarding Sabot Projectiles
bullet Smart Guided Projectiles
bullet Anti-personnel Rounds
bulletUnique Canister Projectiles
bullet  Limited Range Target Practice Designs
bulletHeavy Armor Penetration
bulletRemote Settable Airburst Munitions
bulletWarhead Designs:
bulletControlled Fragmentation Projectile Bodies
bullet Directed Fragmentation Warheads
bullet Tandem Warhead and Tandem Liner Designs
bulletSafe and Arm / Fuzing Designs
bulletMechanical Safe And Arm Mechanisms
bullet Electro-mechanical Designs
bullet Fuze Designs For All Ordnance Applications
bullet Multi-functional Miniature Fuzes For Ammunition Applications
bullet Unique Self-contained Warhead Fuze Designs
bulletFuzing with multiple initiation points
bulletDrawings To ANSI Y14.5m

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