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Design Capabilities
Prototype Fabrication
System Modeling
Structural Analysis

SWS Engineers have extensive experience in all aspects of ballistic analysis from interior ballistics (gun launch conditions), exterior ballistics (in-flight conditions), and terminal ballistics (target impact conditions).
  • Interior Ballistics
    bulletSWS supports the IBHVG2 interior ballistics code
    bullet SWS has developed several in-house codes for unique interior ballistics such as:
    bullet Monolithic grain propellant
    bullet in-flight, fully recoiling gun system to model payload expulsion from canister type projectiles


  • Exterior Ballistics
    bulletStability Analysis / Drag Predictions
    bulletAerodynamic coefficients using the DATCOM software program from Wright Patterson AFB.
    bullet6 DOF Trajectory Analysis support by several third party software programs.
    bulletDevelopment of custom 6 DOF trajectory simulations for unique applications .


  • Terminal Ballistics
    bulletV-50 / Armor Penetration Predictions
    bulletWarhead Fragmentation Analysis
    bulletHydrocode analysis using Sandia Labs CTH software
    bulletAnalysis of hard target penetration mechanics
    bulletAnalysis of an exploding warhead fragmentation pattern


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