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Today Southwest Services LLC is developing products and providing engineering services for both commercial and defense applications.

For the defense industry, SWS is involved in the design of :

bullet smart guided medium caliber munitions
bullet Safe and Arm fuze mechanisms
bullet advanced limited range training ammunition
bullet and specialized assembly tooling for ordnance applications

SWS is also developing surface-mounted acceleration (set-back), deceleration (set-forward), and spin sensors for ordnance applications.

On the commercial side,  SWS is developing:
bullet after-market accessories  for off-road recreational vehicles,
bullet remotely-controlled robotic units to render-safe Improvised Explosive Devices,
bulletsafety enclosures for automatic assembly line machines,
bullet and mapping software for handheld devices.

SWS also provides structural analysis, effectiveness analysis, and ballistic analysis services for a variety of defense and commercial products.

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